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We dish out top-notch health products and services ranging from chinese herbal supplements to carefully selected items and tools form Amazon. All these in addition to health and wellness tips from our experts


We solved the problem of communication most businesses have using such channels as online chat, emails, and phone calls.


Carefully chosen set of supplements from renowned international companies has earned us a rare mark of quality. Our services are seamless.


We keep in touch right from the time you pay for a product to when your orders are shipped. Plus great support for affiliates. Give us a trial today!

Popular Products

Some popular products from our store

Norland Female Health Pad

Norland female health pad is a special product made with modern medical technology to help combat chronic long term infection and other gynecological problems. These magical pads have been proven to permanently get rid of ovarian cyst and fibroid without operation. YES u can treat Fibroid and Ovarian cyst without operation.

Principal Contact – 07038532564


Propolis Lecithin Capsule

Propolis is a natural antioxidant that can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetics. It is very helpful in recovering from a partial stroke. 

Principal Contact: Mr. Olufemi (07038532564)

Cell Spa Silky Facial Mask

The secret of always looking younger, fresher and more succulent has now been unearthed. That secret is Cell Spa (Facial Mask)

Immune Vital Capsule

This product is a health food mainly made up of Ginseng extract, Wolfberry extract, tomato red, zinc gluconate, folic acid, beewax, soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, titanium dioxide and bright blue. Animal functional test proves that the product has the health function of strengthening immunity.

Below are the top members of our team. Ours is a vibrant group of young professionals who are good at what they do.
Eunice Adeyeye

Eunice Adeyeye

Economist / Promoter

An economist with experience in capital management, Eunice is a big part of this novel initiative. She is a rare go-getter

Mofe Rita

Mofe Rita

Sales Rep

Mofe is in charge of selling our ordered supplements and making sure they're delivered promptly

Ayodele Jeremiah

Ayodele Jeremiah

Marketing Specialist

This highly vocal young man is full of energy. He takes our brand and products everywhere. Both online and offline

Engr. Olufemi

Engr. Olufemi

Software Engineer

This masters degree holder in computer science is the brain behind our seamless web-based technology.

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See below comments from few out of those who benefitted from our products and services
Dr. Ikenna Louis

Dr. Ikenna Louis


"I have no regrets! After using your mebo GI product from Norland, I felt this physical transformation within me. Like I'm renewed with a whole lot of energy"

Adebisi Coker

Adebisi Coker


"Your company is truly delivering the best and I can boldly say the supplements work 100%. I believe the sanitary pads I bought from store is worth much more than I paid for."

Nathaniel O.

Nathaniel O.


"Thank you for the free tips and for sharing information on how to make extra income from the health sector. Your posts are really insightful"


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